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Are you balanced on a razor’s edge between going for a sand-and-polish or a complete restoration? Do you have an exquisite patch of parquet that needs some TLC to be coaxed back to life? Here’s a quick summary of the services offered by the Dorking floor sanding experts. Contact us to find out more and to have any of your questions answered.​


Floor sanding is our basic work, the service we first offered to the residents and businesses of Dorking RH4 and which is still hugely popular with our customers. Our teams arrive at your property and carry out any repairs to your boards before sanding them down in up to three sweeps with our dust-eliminating machines. This will prepare them for the eco-friendly finish to be applied.


Wooden floors are often in a dismal state after being hidden for many years beneath dirt and rocksolid antique paint. The Dorking wood floor restoration team will carry out a full inspection and do any necessary repairs to get the floor in good, solid condition before sanding it down. By the time the finish is applied, you’ll hardly recognise it!


A wood floor repair project will not be nearly so involved as a full renovation. We can repair and replace damaged boards and fill in gaps as a standalone job, or as a necessary preliminary to sanding and renovation. This will get the floor into a stable and solid state for subsequent stages of the process, i.e. the sanding and finishing.


Our non-allergenic, eco-friendly stains are the most advanced available and will introduce no harmful toxins into your home or business premises. Staining will create a marvellously warm effect, perfect for reception areas and rooms such as the lounge. But there is a great range of colours and shades to choose from, suitable for different parts of your property that maybe require a different ambience.


The final stage of wood floor renovation in Dorking, after the repairs and sanding are completed, is applying the finish. This is what will give your floor its defining look and protect the natural wood for several more years. We use the latest varnishes, lacquers, stains and waxes, all of them eco-friendly and non-allergenic. Varnish to create a seal in places like bathrooms and kitchens, or wax the boards in living areas to bring out a rich golden glow. The choice is yours.


Parquet flooring in Dorking is staging a real comeback. However, those homes and businesses lucky enough to have some of this exquisite decorative flooring still in place will need to have it expertly renovated. You can’t just take a sander to it, so call in the Dorking wood floor parquet flooring experts to treat it right and restore it properly.


Because a bitumen-based adhesive would have been used to lay the original parquet, this unpleasant and stubborn material will have to be expertly removed as one of the first jobs for parquet restoration in Dorking. We’ll replace damaged and missing tiles using modern adhesives, to restore your parquet floor to its former glory.


Repairing a stretch of delicate parquet floor is a lighter job than actually renovating it. The task does require skill and experience in handling these fragile tiles, however, so if you want to see your parquet looking fabulous again get in touch with us at the Dorking parquet floor restoration team. We’ll treat your precious parquet with all the old-fashioned care it deserves.


After a few years, no matter how well you take care of it, a hardwood floor will begin to look a trifle jaded and faded. That means it’s high time for a good polish. Give us a call and we’ll come and buff it and polish it for you, which we recommend should be done every two years for a domestic floor and annually for a commercial one. It will look sparkling new in next to no time.


No matter how well fitted your wooden floor was originally, eventually floorboards start to warp and resize and gaps will appear between them. This is what’s responsible for those annoying creaks when the boards rub together, and they allow heat to escape and drive up your fuel bills too. We use the latest, tough resin and silicon compounds to fill in those gaps, and we’ll also fit slivers into the smaller cracks to get the floor ready for sanding down.


It’s important to look after your new floor after the Dorking wood sanding experts have renovated it, to keep it looking great for years to come. This means having it professionally buffed and polished every couple of years and treating it with respect at all times (you might consider wearing slippers rather than stilettos!). We’re always available for advice on this and all matters relating to wood floor maintenance in Dorking.


When visitors arrive at your place of business for the first time the state of the floor will register with them and help form their first impression of you. It needs to be a good one, and we can give you the clean, gleaming, business-like wooden floor that will duly impress them. We’re happy to limit your inconvenience by working outside of your normal office hours.


As we pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly, our range of finishes and seals is entirely ‘green’ and we won’t introduce toxic substances into your home or office space. We choose the finish to apply depending on the nature of the wood and its location in the property, but you as ever will have the final word.


Schools, with their miles of floorboards in corridors, halls and gyms, are a challenging but rewarding environment for us to work in. Our specialist floor sanding teams in Dorking can work during school holidays to give you the clean and pristine flooring your students deserve.

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