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Interested in finding out more about the Dorking floor sanding experts? It’s a great story!

We’re an established company in the area, going back 20 years to the time when our family-run firm first offered Dorking homes and businesses a cost-effective floor sanding service. This proved to be so popular that word quickly spread and we’ve basically never looked back. Trust, confidence and a thoroughly professional approach have proved a winning combination with our customers.


We don’t simply sand and finish wooden floors in Dorking RH4. From when we first started out in this business we’ve been determined we’ve been determined to offer a complete wood floor renovation service. At the Dorking floor renovation company we recognise better than anyone the hidden beauty that lies under all the grime and we’re determined to bring it out. All wooden floors differ. It may take just a simple sanding followed by a buff and polish to release the magic. Often it requires a full restoration job. Either way, we have the skills and experience to do your wooden floor complete justice.


We’re also very conscious of our environmental responsibilities, which is why we employ only eco-friendly stains, varnishes and other finishes, all free of harmful chemicals. Also, if anyone in your property suffers from asthma or related conditions you may rest assured that our products are all hypoallergenic. Our chemical footprint is no cause for concern.


We’ve always placed a premium on our relationship with our customers. From when you first contact us to when we pack everything away, clean up and give you your free cleaning kit, we’ll be in a relationship based on trust. We work together to restore your hidden assets, backed up by our use of the latest dust-free equipment and helped along by continuous consultation.


Our passion for working with wooden floors is something often picked up on by customers. Take a look at a few testimonials to see why we’re the premier wood floor renovation experts in Dorking.

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